Color. Learn. Grow.

Our coloring books are more than just art; they’re gateways to learning, carefully designed to turn every coloring session into an engaging and enriching adventure for children.

We Believe

  1. We believe children should experience more than just coloring – they deserve to embark on a global journey, blending fun with educational insights, and discover the world through every color they use.
  2. We believe children can shift from digital play to hands-on creativity, fostering their artistic expression and imagination in a world increasingly dominated by screens.
  3. We believe children should see each page as a doorway to different cultures, encouraging them to embrace diversity and develop a global awareness from an early age.
  4. We believe children can transform coloring time into a dynamic learning opportunity, where each stroke brings facts and stories from around the world to life, making education an enjoyable adventure.
  5. We believe children should be nurtured to cultivate a deep appreciation for the world’s varied cultures, instilling in them a lifelong curiosity and open-mindedness as young explorers of our diverse planet.

Coloring Together FAQ

Coloring Together creates engaging and educational coloring books for children, aiming to inspire creativity and learning through art.

Coloring Together was founded by a group of parents and artists passionate about combining education with creativity to support our kids development.

Our books are tailored for children aged 3 to 12, with different levels of complexity to suit various age groups.

Themes are selected based on educational value, cultural significance, and fun factor, often involving feedback from our kids and community.

Our coloring books are best suited for crayons, colored pencils, and washable markers to ensure a great coloring experience.

We release new coloring books weekly, each week bringing a new collection of themes and designs.

Our coloring books are available on Amazon.

Our coloring books are designed to promote fine motor skills, creativity, and cognitive development through engaging themes and activities.

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